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Hebridean Seaweed Products

Hebridean Seaweed Company Ltd manufactures organic seaweed products for use in the animal feed supplement, soil enhancement, alginate, cosmetics and nutraceutical industries.

The different types of seaweed meal products that Hebridean Seaweed typically produce can be seen in the pictures below. The particle size of these products range from 300 microns (fine powder) to 5mm (rough granules) and orders can be tailor made to suit individual customer requirements.

Products can be supplied in bulk or in small quantities with packaging sizes ranging from 2Kg buckets to 10Kg, 20Kg, 25Kg and 1 Tonne bags.

Hebridean Seaweed Company also manufactures a liquid seaweed fertilizer extract. No processing aids or chemicals are used in the production of this product, its 100% natural.

For further details and pricing information contact Martin Macleod or Malcolm Macrae.

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